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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home: Outside Edition

Exterior Home MaintenanceThe snow’s melted (or melting), spring’s almost here, and the exterior of your home and outside property need a boost. Here are seven things you can do to spruce things up for outdoor enjoyment during the warmer months.

  1. Landscape lovely. Clear leaves, sticks and debris that have collected around your foundation over the winter. Pull out your lawn and patio furniture and spray it down with soapy water (see #3) and let frames and cushions sun-dry. Finally, make sure your lawn gear is ready to go: lawnmower blades should be sharpened; equipment should be cleaned and tuned up by a professional if needed. [source: Angie’s List]
  2. Gutter talk. Walk around your house and take a good, long look at the gutters. Clean out any wet leaves and debris (get a pro to clean the ones that are too high up for you to safely reach). Get loose or leaky gutters repaired before they cause more serious damage. Point downspouts away from the house and clear the area around them.
  3. Check hoses and outdoor faucets. Look for dry rot on garden hoses and replace if needed; check pipes and water and call a plumber to fix.
  4. Up on the roof. From the ground, check for any lost roof shingles or flashing, and get those repairs done now by a qualified roofer before spring rains and summer sun wreak havoc on your roofing. Note: Doing roof and chimney maintenance in the spring can save you money—these services can cost more (and are harder to schedule) in the fall.
  5. Clean that chimney and flue. If you kept your wood stove or fireplace fired up over the winter, make an appointment for a certified chimney sweep to check and clean your flue. Make sure brickwork is in good condition too: if not, get a mason to re-point and repair any damaged masonry. And remove any stored firewood inside or piled close to your home.
  6. Care for Central Air. Schedule a cleaning and maintenance visit from a qualified heating/cooling contractor. Clean coils and filters will help your AC system last longer and run more efficiently. Mark your calendar to change your inside air filters on a regular basis. [source:]
  7. Spongy wood is no good. Gently poke the wood trim around your windows and doors and decking with a screwdriver. Make repairs and re-shingle now before spring storms hit and cause more damage to weakened woodwork. [source:]

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