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Safely Weather Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can be nasty business and 2012’s “Superstorm Sandy” was a harsh reminder that even in New England we can be exposed to dangerous weather. Hurricane season officially ends November 1st, so that leaves a few more months for a potential storm. Here are a few tips you should have in mind to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible:

Hurricane warning

  • Have a Family Emergency Plan to make sure your family members know how to reconnect after a storm.
  • Keep emergency numbers by the phone. Since children may not be familiar with how to make an emergency call, run through the process with them so they’re comfortable with how it works.
  • Designate an out-of-state family member or friend as an additional point of contact. Each family member should have this person’s number in the event you are separated and need to reconnect.
  • In case you need to leave your home, have preplanned evacuation routes and be aware of local evacuation shelters.

Keep your car in your garage if possible, away from flood waters and fully fuelled-up before the storm arrives. While the purpose of a Family Emergency Plan is to ensure that your family members can get in touch with one another after the storm, it’s equally important to have an Emergency Supply Kit for when the storm hits. A standard supply kit should contain:

  • Enough basic food and water supplies to keep your family going for at least three days.
  • 30 days’ worth of medication, keeping in mind any particular medical requirements you might have (asthma, allergies, etc.).
  • FEMA has a list of additional emergency supplies that you may want to consider.

Following these simple, preemptive steps will help ensure your family is prepared in the event a Hurricane threatens New England.

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