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Revere Tornado: One year later

Here in New England, tornados and hurricanes are (generally) few and far between – we’re often spared from what the South and Midwest might consider “normal.” But one year ago, on July 28, 2014, Revere, a densely populated Massachusetts city, was unexpectedly shaken when a tornado tore through the area. Though it only lasted a few minutes, the tornado left parts of Revere ravaged and stunned – trees down, rooftops blown off, fences uprooted.Tornado roof

Bunker Hill insures many homes in the Revere area. When calls began rolling in from independent agents and customers, our adjusters responded promptly with compassion and courtesy. They were quick to meet with affected policyholders and view the damage. Throughout the process, we worked closely with our Revere-area independent agents to get our customers’ claims settled quickly – so they could get their homes repaired and on with their lives.

When it comes to catastrophes like a tornado, it can be hard to find the positive among the negative. We are sorry for the disruption the tornado caused our customers.  But we are proud that we were there for them when they needed us most and that our response to the situation was recognized in a positive way by Revere independent agents and customers alike.

A year later, we’re still proud of the hard work of our adjusters and independent agents to help restore some normalcy to Revere. The 2014 tornado proved Revere’s a resilient city. As a local home insurance provider, it’s our privilege to do business with many of its residents. Just as we were when the tornado touched down, we’ll be there for our customers when the next disaster strikes.

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