Identity Theft 101

A 2013 report released by the Identity Theft Assistance Center states that in 2012, 12.6 million Americans were victim to identity fraud, amounting to nearly a single victim every three seconds.

Online banking, social media and a general increase in web-based transactions means that we’re more vulnerable to this type of theft than ever before.

Identity theft online

You may think of identity theft as a “this’ll never happen to me” crime, but the numbers indicate that it can – in fact – happen to anyone. Fraudsters only need to capture some of your personal information – like your Social Security or bank account number – to gain personal profit at your expense.

Despite the pervasiveness of identity theft, there are ways you can protect yourself. Each Bunker Hill policy includes access for you and your household family members to Identity Theft 911®’s identity management and fraud education services. 

If you suspect you may be or have been targeted by a thief, call Bunker Hill immediately at 888-472-5246 and we’ll connect you to a fraud specialist who will help you through the resolution process. You won’t have to file a claim to use this service.

Education is key when it comes to identity theft protection, so here are some helpful resources to read up on:

For your information, Identity Theft 911® is not an insurance product and is not an affiliate of Bunker Hill Insurance. This service will assist you in preventing theft, and in the worst-case scenario, recovering from it, but does not provide reimbursement for losses or out-of-pocket expenses associated with identity theft.

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