Identity Theft Prevention

Last year more than 1.3 million Massachusetts residents were affected by data breaches, a fourfold increase from 2014 affecting approximately 1 in 5 people. As it becomes easier for our personal information to fall into the wrong hands, identity theft continues to be a big problem in the Bay State.

Internet identity theft on a digital tablet with reflection of hackers hand concept for online digital crime

If you know your identity has been stolen or suspect it’s been compromised, call Bunker Hill immediately at 888-472-5246. We’ll connect you to an Identity Theft 911® specialist, a service specializing in identity management and fraud education. Bunker Hill customers get the following services at no extra cost:*

  • 24/7 personalized fraud assistance, from notifying credit bureaus and government agencies to filing a police report and helping create a Fraud Victim Affidavit
  • Assistance in replacing sensitive documents, like your passport, credit and debit cards, driver’s license, and tax and other personal documents
  • Preventative services if you experience burglary, see a suspicious debit or credit charge, learn of a data breach you might’ve been affected by, or if you’ve had a significant life change that might make you vulnerable to theft
  • Proactive identity theft education

Identity theft doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone. If you suspect someone has stolen your identity, call us immediately at 888-472-5246 and we’ll connect you to an Identity Theft 911® specialist who will guide you through the resolution process.

Other ways to protect your identity

  • Use a paper shredder to discard documents that may contain confidential information, like your social security number
  • Review your bank and credit card statements carefully and speak up if you notice a suspicious charge
  • Use strong passwords for your online accounts. Strong passwords should be more than eight characters and contain both capital letters and at least one numeral or other non-alphabetical character
  • Be conservative with your personal information

At Bunker Hill, we’re committed to protecting more than just your home. We’re committed to safeguarding the whole you.

*These services are provided by Identity Theft 911, which is not an affiliate of Bunker Hill Insurance Company. These services are not an insurance product and do not guarantee or warrant that a user of these services will not suffer any losses as a result of fraud committed using personal information. These services are intended only to assist users to prevent identity theft from occurring and to assist users in recovering from identity theft. These services do not reimburse users for any losses or out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with identity theft