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It’s Easy Being Green: 5 Fast Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer lawn care tipsShimmering green lawns are great to look at and even better to walk on barefoot. They help absorb rainwater runoff and contribute to cooling down our sizzling planet, especially when compared to pavement and concrete.

Take back your weekends. But, maintaining a traditional lawn involves a huge commitment of time, money and water. The chemicals in mass-market fertilizers can create toxic runoff that flows into our rivers, oceans, and drinking water. And all those rumbling lawnmowers and leaf blowers emit greenhouse gases and create noise pollution (especially when you’re trying to sleep in on the weekend).

With that in mind, it’s time to re-think how we take care of our lawns and some of the outdated 20th century approaches to landscaping in general with these 5 quick summer lawn care tips:

  1. Xeri-what? A popular alternative to traditional lawns, xeriscaping, or landscaping with native and drought-resistant plants, involves minimal water and up-keep. Wiki-how offers tips on how to design and create a lush and interesting xeriscape for your outdoor areas.
  2. Let it go (and let it grow). Skip the stress: stop striving for the perfect lawn and let those clovers pop out, that carpet of soft native moss spread and other low-lying native species grow in peace. A sterile “perfect” lawn can be a costly, losing battle. See a dandelion sprout up? Enjoy its color! Drenching your lawn with chemicals can create polluting run-off and potentially make it unhealthy for you and your kids to sprawl out or play on the grass. Yuck!
  3. Don’t give your lawn a crew cut. Crew cuts look great on boys (and guys) in the summer, but they’re awful for lawns. Keep your grass long and shaggy instead: it’ll retain moisture better and discourage weed growth. Other benefits: you’ll water and mow the lawn less (yay), and you’ll create an outdoor oasis that’ll be vastly more comfortable to sit and walk on. Isn’t that the point?
  4. Let it be. Leave the freshly-mowed cuttings on your lawn to help retain moisture. Save time and energy while you create some protective green lawn cover for your cut grass underneath.
  5. Water is precious. Water early or late in the day. Water deeply but less often– give the roots a good soak. It takes tens of thousands of gallons of water a season to maintain the average lawn. Conserve our precious natural resources and water your lawn and garden during the sun’s off-peak frying times.

    Better yet: let’s save our clean water supply for things that really matter, like keeping us humans hydrated and clean; and watering food crops and gardens. Choose water-sipping native plants over water hogs. Opt for hardy lavender in a sunny spot; save the ferns and hostas for your lawn’s shady areas. Want more ideas? Go to
    Plant now for the future: Choosing and planting low water-use plants.

For green lawn links and more info, go to:

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