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Building a better light bulb: the new technology for lighting your home

LED bulbQ: How many insurance agents does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One, but thanks to the latest crop of light bulbs they’ll only need to change it once every 100,000 hours or so.

Smaller, cooler, and vastly more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights for residential applications are now also coming down in price.

While the new bulbs may still cost more to buy than the traditional ones we grew up with, their longer life and lower energy use make them a smart choice for anyone who has to pay the monthly electric bill (and who wants to do their part to help the environment at home).

As LEDs continue to be adopted in our homes and work places, manufacturers are working to improve their design, making them brighter, dimmable, more efficient and interchangeable with more fixtures. They’ve even thought about changing the shape so you can have that plain round bulb design peeking out of your lampshades again. What’s not to love?

Lighting currently consumes about one-fifth of the world’s energy, with offices and industrial use consuming half the total global amount. The newest LED bulbs aim to cut that by up to 90%, substantially preventing millions of tons of greenhouse gases from being created and released into our atmosphere—saving billions of dollars in electricity costs each year in the US alone.

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